1. gritboy said: Hello neighbor. Are you a nice neighbor? See you at CAB. -- Marc, Alternative Comics

    Hello! We’re pretty nice! I think! We were neighbors back at Heroes Con in 2008 when you were heading up the Wow Cool table; I hope we weren’t big chumps that time. Looking forward to seeing you again!



  2. wiegle:

    From some short adaptations I did of bits from Kahlil Gibran’s The Madman for The Graphic Canon, vol. 3. We got our contributors’ copies in the mail the other day, so it’s probably out soon. Also featuring the cross-country section of Lolita as adapted by Sally, and a bunch more other stuff besides.


  3. By Sally


  4. The cat has been putting on weight.


  5. Shawn Cheng’s story from Cartozia Tales. Click it here for more!


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  7. Palette for new Destructor story

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  8. monastiraki:



  9. Five outfits from TCAF, drawn from memory

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  10. We’re at table B-12. See y’all at TCAF